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Mutual Consent Divorce Court Case Lawyer & Advocate In Ahmedabad

Divorce cases are increasing day by day and now it is a common issue in our society. Family law includes many different type of cases, Divorce is one of the major law amongst all the others. Divorce court in Ahmedabad is the family court at Aashram Road. You need the best divorce advocate in Ahmedabad, who can help you in dissolution of the marriage.

Only the best divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad can help you fight for your rights. Advocate Hansal Shukla is one of the famous divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad. She is an experienced divorce specialist lawyers in Ahmedabad, who will understand your situation and give you the best legal advice.

Why You Need A Divorce?

A good divorce case advocate in Ahmedabad would never advice to get divorce and he always try to be your legal advisor and solve the family issues without dissolutions of the marriage.

But if your reasons are valid, if it is not possible for you to live with your partner any more, if your partner cheats on you or if the situation is not curable, then a lawyer would suggest to file the divorce court case. Always remember, if you are not willing to find a divorce, there always a way out to solve the issue.

If you finally decide to get divorce, you should consult a good divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad and if you are a woman, a women’s advocate divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad will understand you better.

Type Of Divorce

There are two types of divorce in Family court, Mutual Consent and Contested Divorce. The process and time duration is different of each divorce types. Advocate Hansal Shukla & Associates are one of the best divorce case lawyers in Ahmedabad, who can help you in both and also suggest you which divorce you should go with.

Mutual Consent
A Divorce by Mutual Consent in Ahmedabad means both parties file the divorce by their mutual consent. Both parties will agree to the terms and both will be the petitioner of the mutual consent divorce in Ahmedabad and pray the Hon’ble Judge for dissolution of the marriage. You must need a mutual consent divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad who help you with the legal procedure.

Both parties can also get their individual mutual consent divorce advocate in Ahmedabad. Mutual consent divorce in Ahmedabad usually takes very less time compare to Contested Divorce, because in this case, both parties are agree to take divorce and all the terms decided related to the child custody, maintenance, properties, etc.
Contested Divorce
A contested divorce in Ahmedabad means one of the party want divorce and he/she can apply for the divorce explaining the reason for why he/she want the divorce.

You need a contested divorce lawyers in Ahmedabad who can do the legal process and guide you with the best legal advice. In this case, there will be two parties, petitioner and responder. The petitioner is the one who file the divorce and the responder is the one who need to submit the answer. A responder can also get a contested divorce advocate in Ahmedabad who can help him/her fight the case.

Some Important Advisory For Divorce

If you are looking for the best divorce advocate & lawyer in Ahmedabad, Advocate Hansal Shukla & Associates is the best option, who can be your legal advisor and will also help you fight for your court case.

What Else Connected With Divorce?

A divorce is not only a separation of two individuals, but it is also a separation for a child and two families. As per the family law, Child Custody, maintenance, domestic violence, woman?s jewelleries (stree dhan) and separation of properties are also involved. Only a best divorce lawyer advocate in Ahmedabad can help you to fight for your rights.

Divorce Law Firms In Ahmedabad

If you are looking for a divorce advocate & lawyer, you should consult a divorce law firms in Ahmedabad. A law firm always has an advocate for divorce in Ahmedabad who has experience in divorce court cases and who can give the best advice. Advocate Hansal Shukla & Associates is one of the best divorce law firms in Ahmedabad.

What Is A Divorce Advocate or Lawyer?

A divorce case advocate in Ahmedabad is your legal advisor, who not only give you the best advice, but also fight for your rights. If you are a woman, the lawyer for divorce in Ahmedabad will fight for the domestic violence, child custody and maintenance for your living after the divorce. If you are a man, your advocate for divorce will help you to save your rights and unfaithful activities from your partner.

Why A Lawyer For Divorce In Ahmedabad?

If you are living in Ahmedabad, you should go with a divorce case lawyer in Ahmedabad, because a local lawyer will help you in a better way compare to a lawyer from different city. If you and the lawyer are in the same city, you can meet the lawyer for discussion of the case and it will be easy for the lawyer to be there in the court on every dates.

How To Start The Divorce Process In Ahmedabad?

To start the procedure, first you should consult a divorce lawyers & advocate in Ahmedabad, who will guide you how you can proceed with the court case. If it?s a mutual consent divorce, both of the parties should meet a divorce advocate and discuss the matter. You both can file the case and you both will be the petitioners. If this is a contested divorce and only you want to file a case against your partner, your advocate for divorce in Ahmedabad will help you prepare the petition and file in the court.

Required Documents Needed For Divorce In Ahmedabad

To file a divorce case in Ahmedabad, you need a passport size photo, address proof, identity card like aadhar, licence, etc. If you leave your house and you don?t have any of the documents, you should discuss with the lawyer and he will advise you how you can submit the case.

How Much Time It Will Take To Get Divorce?

Divorce is a long process which takes months or years, however mutual consent divorce will take less time compare to contested divorce. The time duration depends on many things but few months will be the minimum time for the entire process.

How Much Fees A Divorce Advocate Will Charge?

The government fees are as per the court and you can pay those fees to the court case. The lawyer fees for the divorce depends on the experience of the lawyer or advocate. It also depends on the type of the divorce and the situation of case. Advocate Hansal Shukla always charge a fee which anyone can afford, contact her now to discuss your court case.